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Vibrational (Sound) Acupuncture Healing In North West Calgary

You can look at disease as a form of disharmony. There’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound and music and vibration.”  DR. MITCHELL GAYNOR MD

Here at North West Vibrational Acupuncture and Massage one of our popular specialties is a new form of acupuncture- Vibrational Acupuncture. Vibrational Acupuncture combines traditional acupuncture with sound to improve health and well-being. Sound has the ability to lift our mood and change our vibration. Vibrational acupuncture improves our mental and physical well-being by combining the wisdom of acupuncture with the beauty of musical healing.

What is Vibrational Acupuncture/ Sound Acupuncture?

Vibrational Acupuncture, also known as sound acupuncture, is a form of needleless gentle acupuncture. In Vibrational acupuncture acupoints ( points on the body stimulated by acupuncturists to create better health) are stimulated via vibration or sound. Throughout history sound has been used by different societies to create well-being. In ancient Greece sound therapy was used to improve mental health, digestion and to induce sleep. In today’s world sound is also used to promote healing. Music therapy is used in some hospitals to alleviate pain and to enhance mental health. Tuning forks, tuning bowls and gongs are all different sound healing tools. At North West Vibrational Acupuncture and Massage highly calibrated tuning forks specifically made for body tuning are used in our sound acupuncture treatments to stimulate acupoints. Each fork vibrates at a specific frequency to improve health. The sound waves created by the forks vibrate and travel deeply through the body. Their resonance connects with and supports the body’s natural healing frequencies. If you are strongly dislike needles vibrational acupuncture may be a good treatment option for you. Vibrational acupuncture is sometimes combined with traditional acupuncture (acupuncture that  incorporates the use of needles). With or without traditional needling, vibrational acupuncture is still a great form of gentle acupuncture that can improve mental, emotional and physical health.

What can Vibrational Acupuncture treat?

Vibrational Acupuncture treats pretty much anything that traditional acupuncture can treat. Here at North West Vibrational Acupuncture and Massage our specialists are skilled in using Vibrational acupuncture to treat

  • Mental and emotional disorders for eg. Depression and Anxiety

  • Stress reduction and stress management

  • Pain relief

  • Better Sleep

  • Relaxation

  • Addictions


Our vibrational acupuncturists are licensed acupuncturists trained in the art of sound healing. Don’t miss out on this amazing treatment modality that rejuvenates both body and mind. Come visit us in North West Calgary to experience this amazing form of needleless and gentle acupuncture. Let us help you to better health naturally! Book your appointment using our online booking system or give us a call today!

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